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What is an
escape room?

Get together
a group of friends!
Select your adventure
and room
You're locked in.
Solve the mystery in
the allotted time
Have fun and enjoy
your time!

What do you need to escape?

Team Work
Gather your friends and invite them to go to the escape room. More people are more fun. You and a few of your friends are the perfect company for a escape room.
Fabulous Fun
You don't need specific education or physical training is required to complete the escape room and leave the room. All you need is attentiveness and logical thinking.

What are escape rooms?

With various themes and rooms, your escape room experience can be different every time – and with a style you’re sure to love – once you escape!
Spooky or Not So Much
Are you a thrill seeker or a modern day macabre enthusiast? Whether you like things scary and tense or chill and unique, there’s an escape room to fit your vibe.
Choose Your Difficulty
Not all Escape Rooms are created equal! With rooms from novice to pro, you’re sure to love the experience without the annoying feeling of instant frustration.
Convenient locations
Is located in three locations. Choose the most convenient one for you!
the best rooms

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What is an escape game?
What is an escape game?
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Terms of use
It is strictly forbidden:
1. To be in the room in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication and/or drink alcohol, smoke.

2. To carry into the playing area and use any equipment during the game, including mobile phones, cameras or any hand tools.

3. To take or deliberately spoil the props and equipment.

4. To take any photo and/or shoot video in the play area.

Participants agree:
1. With audio and video recording during their stay at the location.

2. To make a payment before the game.

3. That in case of violation of the rules, the game can be stopped without a refund.